Nutrition Obesity & Risk of Thrombosis

Unité Mixte de Recherche  INSERM 1062 / INRA 1260 / AMU

The NORT research unit clusters the majority of expertise in the field of nutrition, metabolic syndrome and thrombosis at the faculty of Medicine Timone.


Four research axes are developed :


  • To identify genetic and dietary environmental factors affecting the absorption of lipid micronutrients (lipid soluble vitamins and carotenoids) and the post prandial lipid metabolism (TEAM 1).
  • To understand how natural (nutrition) or pharmacological molecules can improve adipose tissue metabolism via their effects on GLUT4 translocation and the insulin receptor maturation during obesity (TEAM 2).
  • To identify new genetic, metabolic and environmental factors implicated in thrombotic disease in relation with metabolic syndrome and nutrition. We focused on platelets dysfunctions leading to rare hemorrhagic diseases or in thrombotic diseases during diabetes and obesity (TEAM 3).
  • To enforce dietary guidelines and diet modeling to assure food safety (EMERGING PROJECT)


Our unit is associated with several hospital laboratories and clinical services (metabolic and nutritional pathology, cardiology) favoring translational research in all our objectives.

Our research is supported by public funding, private foundations and industrial partners (pharmaceutic, food, reagents).


Several members of our unit are involved in the teaching program of Master degree “Human pathology” “nutrition and vascular pathophysiology” specialty.




Director :

 Marie-Christine ALESSI

Deputy director :

Marie-Josephe AMIOT-CARLIN


Tel. +33 (0)4 91 32 45 92/93


Faculté de Médecine de la Timone

Blue Wing, 4th floor

27 Boulevard Jean Moulin

13005 Marseille - France