Nutrition Obesity & Risk of Thrombosis


Unité Mixte de Recherche  INSERM 1062 / INRA 1260 / AMU

Hemostasis, thrombosis and vascular biomarkers


Leader: Marie-Christine ALESSI

Role of ectopic adipose tissue on cardiovascular physiology

Leader : Anne DUTOUR

Our goals are:

  • to clarify the effects of ectopic fat accumulation
  • to identify the factors involved in the development of ectopic deposits.
  • To propose modulation strategies.




Results from an European study implicating Team 3 will be soon publish in The Lancet journal :

DNA methylation and body-mass index: a genome-wide analysis.



Obesity is a cardiovascular risk factor. Recent studies have demonstrated that ectopic fat (around organs and in organs) is associated with cardiometabolic risk.

Identification of new biomarkers and genes of interest in vascular pathology

Leaders : Pierre MORANGE et Jean-Charles MARTIN

Our ambition is to apply “high-throughput" technologies to identify new biomarkers and actors in vascular pathologies using populations with venous thrombosis.

Manhattan plot showing an association between some loci and venous thrombosis

We will confirm the importance of some genes of interest that have already been identified in thrombosis models in mice and in vitro in various cell models (P. MORANGE).

The LABEX GenMed in which Pierre Morange  participates, was validated in a new version by the General Commission for Investment and National Research Agency after analysis of an international jury. GenMed-II received the top rating of 27/30.


By a metabolomic approach without a priori, we aim to identify molecular factors and related metabolic pathways in blood, urine and faeces that are associated with development and severity of atherothrombotic events in relation to nutrition (JC MARTIN).

Bacterial group correlation network with metabolites and phenotypic measures (n+1+1) of mice fed high fat diet with or without Short-Chain Fructo-Oligosaccharides.

Respondek et al Plos one 2013

(click on picture to enlarge)


Platelets, diabetes, obesity and inflammation

Leader : Marie-Christine ALESSI

Diabetes exposed to vascular complications. We assess the risk of thrombosis in animal models of obesity and diabetes (M. GRINO). Platelets are important actors in the immuno-inflammatory response. One of our goals is to study these new functions of platelets through key inflammatory molecules they express. We study their implications in atherosclerosis and thrombosis using genetically modified animals models (M. CANAULT).

We develop with cardiologists from the University Hospital Timone (JL BONNET, T CUISSET) collaborative research projects on pharmacogenetics and validation of newly identified biomarkers.

MC ALESSI coordinates the national reference center on platelet disorders. We identify, from families having rare platelet disorders, new genes of interest (M. POGGI).

Our team recently welcomed a new INRA researcher (B. RITEAU), which aims to better understand the regulation of hemostasis mechanisms in viral infections and conversely the role of viral infections in vascular diseases.

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